Light Up your Life



As a society we are busier than ever. Busy-ness has become the definition of success and happiness. We don’t stop and smell the roses, life has become a blur, and time passes us by quicker than ever. Most of us live life feeling tired instead of inspired. We are more disconnected from others and especially from ourselves than ever before.

Do you want more out of life?

Are you looking for light but feel as if you’re sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness as each day passes? Have you wandered off the path of life, hoping to one day find your way back again? Do you often find yourself saying to yourself, “ There has to be more to life than this” ?

Then it’s time to make some changes.

If you have lost yourself, there’s no better time than now, this present moment, togo searching for yourself. When you learn to surrender and let goof all the things that are restricting and limiting you, you will discover that you do not have to search far: what you’re looking for is within.

Changing the way we see the world.

In the busy-ness of our days it’s key to find a place where we can literally step off the grid, unwind, recalibrate, reconnect back to the sacredness of the natural world and the beauty of our inner worlds, some can develop greater self mastery and a deeper understanding of the energies that direct our lives.

Taking responsibility for yourself.

If you learn to shift your focus from the outside world to your inner world –your mind, your body, your spirit – you will notice how the uncertainty and negativity begin to magically fall away. You will also learn many new things about yourself, and you will discover how to start to live a Life that is worth Living. You remember your light, your true nature, your source — the life source that connects us all. You will invite peace into your life, and in the process you will discover you, the real YOU, and that is when you will begin to truly heal and transform,love and live life truly! It’s time to Light Up Your Life !

Light Up Your Life virtual program is designed to help you :

Go beyond asana and strengthen the foundation of your yoga practice Yogic teachings will guide how you treat yourself and others, both on and off the mat Experience a perspective shift on how you see your life, relationships, and the world around you Achieve better mental and physical health Find confidence and clarity about your life Create daily habits that provide a solid foundation for you to excel in life, love, community and health.