Join me for private study


Sessions are truly personalised, focused time in which we will design and implement out your own home practice.

Why study and practice privately


You would like more personalised attention to improve and advance your practice

You need a practice to support specific injury, illness, or any personal condition

You are tired of busy and over crowded group yoga classes

You are a beginner who would like to progress more rapidly

You prefer the comfort of your own home

Single and Semi-Private Sessions



Private Sessions Include:


Free 15 min consultation about your needs during the first session

1 hour of personal and private yoga practice including meditation training (if needed)

Detailed tuition of your personalised home practice sequence (if desired)


*A series of 10 privates is £1000.

Cancellation 24 hrs. Private sessions are available at your home or at Evolve Wellness centre. Additional travel fee for sessions at your home may apply (subject to reasonable travel distance).


To Schedule a Session Please Contact HERE

Praise From Clients


Stephanie (UK)

Over the three years of working with Karin not only has my yoga practice improved dramatically but so has my general well-being and state of mind. Her care, attention, skill and loving attitude make our sessions something to look forward to and a significant highlight of my week. Karin is always looking not only to allow her students to improve and grow and evolve but also herself as a teacher, and we have gone on a wonderful journey together.

Stefan (UK)

Working with Karin has helped me to build up my yoga practice and further focus on my mindfulness. In a frantic and exhausting world sometimes, I always look forward to the private sessions with her as it helps me to feel relaxed and more balanced. Karin works with much attention to the details, is always in a positive mood and keen to grow and improve her students.

James (UK)

I have been having private lessons with Karin for a while now . In addition, I was lucky enough to attend one of Karin's long weekend retreats which was a wonderful experience. I have tried a few teachers over the years in various countries as I travel a lot, which naturally causes a degree of stress and, of course, jet lag and general tiredness. Karin is, and always will be, my favourite teacher. She is extremely reliable, and in addition, can always be counted on when needed. She is truly dedicated to her vocation.Karin is an extremely calm and patient teacher. She seems to know intuitively how far I can go on any particular day and is never forceful or judgemental. I feel peaceful and energised after our sessions which has not always been the case with other teachers!

She is also very thoughtful, and I was touched when she bought me a book on the importance of breathing and meditation which she knew would be of benefit to me. Needless to say, my yoga and general flexibility have also dramatically improved over the period, as have my sense of peace and well-being.I absolutely feel that I have truly benefitted from my sessions with Karin, not only physically and mentally, but spiritually.
I can't recommend Karin enough.

Elizabeth (UK)

A teacher comes to you when you are ready. Karin entered my life just in time, when I needed to integrate my practice and focus on the now to reach my dream'.