From My Heart To Yours


I am passionate about creating experiences that will bring people closer to their life purpose, to help you to reconnect with the sacred in you, to remember that you are an infinite being and discover a more natural, ethical way of being in this world.

To guide you towards a deeper, and hopefully more enriching way of living, loving and serving life from a place of wisdom, to encourage you to fully embrace your journey.

My mission in life is to help people awaken to the untapped energy that is available to all of us and introduce the healing power of our own breath.

My Story


My yoga journey started in 2001 but I didn’t choose yoga. It chose me and it has done that over and over again. As a gym addict, I felt myself craving something that would bring more balance to my body, mind and most importantly into my life.

In the beginning I approached yoga as I approached everything in life: with perfectionism, by pushing and forcing, by believing that if I did everything perfectly it would do something for me. It would change me, fix me or make me a better person. I carried my tendencies with me – perfectionism, being judg-mental and critical to both myself and others.

In the end all of this was still following a pattern of trying to control myself and my body. I had merely swapped the gym for yoga, but the desire was still the same, a desire to be in control. Letting go always felt like weakness and being vulnerable. I had fundamentally only exchanged one addiction for another, and to be honest I was only scratching the surface of Yoga. I only explored the physical part of the practice and had no interest yet in the spiritual side of Yoga – in The True Yoga.